An ERP is a business management software that integrates the companies; financial, supply chain, operations reporting, manufacturing and supply chain. 

When ERP comes to real estate it can manage sales, collect payment or/and keeping records of different units or deal with contractors. The fact that real estate has soo many data points to consider from project execution to property sales or leasing. even the early stages of financing.

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This makes it beneficial to use the Odoo ERP System provided by Kylix technology.

There are various benefits of having our ERP system.

  • Real time business information

Whenever information is logged in to the system by a second party it is very easy for you to access this information via your computer or mobile phone

  • Organize and report on finance

  • Provide access to customer data

  • Manage inventory

  • Automation of business process

  • Provide booking management

  • Automate presales process(text/email marketing)

connectivity aspect of a real estate team is a major challenge when it comes to real estate industry, this makes the process lack transparency and coherency in most occasions and this is where our ERP solution comes in. our system is not only limited to automation and streamlining data. remember our system can also be accessed via mobile phones so any new notification or approval needed can easily be accessed by the management, the team or the tenants.

In real estate industry their is need for secure storage of data that is expandable in every and any way it is needed plus the need of it to be easily accessible and Kylix technologies offers that as its core requirement in it's ERP solution. When we compare our data storage solution to the traditional spreadsheet it is easily notable that our ERP solution makes it easy to access and find the needed specific data in a few strokes compared to the spreadsheet. Moreover the changes to the dataset are transparent ensuring better security and minimizing data breach.