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Derniers articles

Bar and Restaurant Easy Payment Process

27/04/2023 09:46:16 In Notre blog
A good POS system can enhance the aesthetic of a restaurant and streamline workflow by providing advanced features such as order tracking, table management, and inventory control.

Improving construction with Java script

21/04/2023 19:44:48 In Notre blog
This blog discusses the benefits and use cases of using JavaScript frameworks in building systems. It covers improved user experience, increased developer productivity, and better code organization.

Top 5 Ways An ERP System Can Revolutionize Gender Diversity

30/03/2023 12:46:11 In Notre blog
Discover the game-changing insights from DMG Event Africa's online event on the role of women in transport and logistics, and how a proper ERP system can empower gender diversity and revolutionize the industry.

Staying Ahead of Chaos

28/03/2023 10:37:22 In Notre blog
Business owners in Kenya, don't let political instability sink your business. Discover how an ERP system can streamline operations and improve efficiency. Click to read more and safeguard your business.

Data Security while using ERP System

21/03/2023 07:40:27 In Notre blog
Explore secure data management in ERP systems through access control, encryption, backup, and ICT. Learn how to choose a reliable ERP system. Ideal for business owners and data security enthusiasts.

Project management using Odoo ERP system

28/02/2023 07:35:39 In Notre blog
Read on the Benefits of using Odoo ERP system for project management while integrating Agile and Scrum methodologies to enhance project outcomes.

HR Management in a Digital Age

21/01/2023 12:45:35 In Notre blog
Streamline your HR processes, automate tasks, and access employee data in one place with our ERP system's HR module. Improve efficiency and productivity today!

Transform Your Business Efficiency With Our Advanced ERP System

09/01/2023 11:00:28 In Notre blog
Our solution integrates and automates various business processes, providing real-time data and analytics for better decision-making

End of year 2022

31/12/2022 17:32:28 In Notre blog
We would not have come this far without you, followers of our content, even more grateful to our clients below. We hope to deliver more and better ERP service and content come 2023

Steps to Successful  ERP Implementation

30/12/2022 04:57:48 In Notre blog
Thinking of ERP implementation?, the following six comprehensive steps will help you in implementing any ERP system and cut cost together with time for implementation


28/12/2022 21:17:48 In Notre blog
Kylix technologies employs the following approaches in implementing Odoo ERP system based on your company scope and goal of implementation

Planned Travel

27/12/2022 10:09:17 In Notre blog
A travel company with an ERP system promotes a sense of self reliance a concept in travel industry overlooked but you can see its influence by the boom in air bnb business

Built To Fit. Built For Mobile. Built For Holidays

23/12/2022 06:09:36 In Notre blog
Odoo ERP Solution has been made compatible with mobile browser so that you can access the various department of your business while on holiday

What are you getting your employees for Christmas?

21/09/2022 05:20:50 In Notre blog
Today, most employers are using an electronic employee management system or EEMS. It allows employers to collect payroll data, keep track of hours worked and other employee information in a central database.


04/09/2022 19:48:24 In Notre blog
Odoo E-learning systems is a web-based software for distributing, tracking, and managing courses over the Internet. It involves the implementation of advancements in technology to direct, design and deliver the learning content, and to facilitate two-way communication between students and faculty