Benefits Of Odoo ERP System

Benefits of Odoo ERP System

Odoo ERP is a web-based ERP system. It is specifically for effective management of functions and processes that are essential to successfully handle all challenges of running an organization with real time processing and maintenance of large volumes of information.

The following are benefits of Odoo;

Integration with other systems: The system is designed to provide a framework for integrating data from a variety of channels, including legacy applications, operational systems, other ERP systems, web applications and external sources. Odoo system is modular and is designed to accommodate any other requirement that the organization may wish to integrate to the ERP at any other time in the future.

Web-Based, non-platform dependent: The ERP system is a web based, fully integrated designed specifically for organizations. No client-side software is required. Odoo runs inside the browser, thus the power of cloud enterprise management provides visibility of performance anywhere, at any time. No extended learning curve, has ease of implementation add to our feature-rich ERP which is highly customizable, configurable, and scalable.

Importing & exporting of data: The system allows for importing and exporting data from other applications in the known formats of CSV, spreadsheet or pdf files.

Business Intelligence: The system has been designed to deliver information to relevant audiences to empower them and improve overall decision making. It offers a comprehensive set of Business Intelligence features to help users harness structured data to improve decision-making. This is facilitated by client specific decision support tools, data mining and analytic tools that have been incorporated.

User-Friendly: A smooth and user-friendly experience that has been built in Odoo to ensure the seamless action and performances. 

No vendor lock-in: In Odoo there is no lock-in or dependency on the vendor. On the other hand, proprietary software increases the risk of getting locked in either by the vendor or technology.

Extensible architecture: Odoo allows and accept significant extension of its capabilities, without major rewriting of code or changes in its basic architecture.

Customization: Users can customize the application to meet the business requirement. Which is a tailor-made concept that provides unique features for each and every business in this competitive world. The workflow module that you are interested in will require such customization

Highly secured: Odoo ensures the accuracy, consistency and security of data thus enabling Odoo to protect all business information that are confidential in nature

Flexibility: Odoo offers plenty of modules. In which you can install modules as per their business needs or as you transition from another ERP. Moreover, you can add new modules when the business grows.


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