Why Odoo?

An ERP for your organisation

Organisations today both corporates and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are adopting ERP systems to enable them manage their businesses easily but most systems are either expensive or the systems they have adopted do not perform all the tasks that the company needs it to. With the competition in the market today, companies have found it difficult to have paperwork in their offices. Today, having data on paper is very risky. The data is susceptible to damage, theft, loss of data and so many other disadvantages. With odoo, a fully integrated ERP system, it can easily solve the issue of all paperwork for a company.

What is Odoo? Odoo is an all in one-management system with up to 10,000 applications to enable it to suite all types of business. Did I mention that Odoo is an open source system? Odoo can be easily customised to suite whichever business. Odoo offers a wide range of applications that give a company the benefit of getting rid of all paperwork and also gives a competitive advantage for the company.

How does Odoo get rid of my paperwork? As mentioned earlier, Odoo has a wide range of application to mention just a few: Human resource management, Employee management, Inventory management, Sales Management, Customer Relationship Management, Manufacturing Management and so many more. Human resource management makes the work of the Human Resource manager pretty easy by enabling the employees to apply for leaves, salary advances, loans, expense reports and so many other tasks in the system and with the click of a button the manager can easily approve or decline these tasks. With Odoo there will be no need for your employees to write letters to apply for leaves, salary advances, loans or request for anything else from the manager.

Under employee management, information of your employees can be easily stored in the system that includes their Kin’s information, Tax information like the KRA pin and all the information that the company would need to easily manage their employees. Information of employees will also reflect the requests they have made to the Human Resource manager such as leave requests, loan requests and any other requests. There is no more need to keep files of Employees in the company.

Customer Relationship Management stores all the information of customers as much as is needed. This section also shows how many transactions the company has made with the customer. Receipts, quotations and invoices can be sent to your customers via email which is safer and instead of printing this documents which are susceptible to damage and loss.

In summary Odoo has all the applications that can suite all types of businesses and these applications can store as much information as needed by the company therefore you as a company will not need to do any kind of paperwork to store your data. One huge advantage that comes with Odoo is that all these applications are connected to enable communication among departments. For all the data stored in Odoo there is a cloud back up so there are no worries in case of any emergencies. With Odoo no company can go wrong.