What are you getting your employees for Christmas?


The use of hardcopy files to keep track of your employees have gone out of style. Today, most employers are using an electronic employee management system or EEMS. It allows employers to collect payroll data, keep track of hours worked and other employee information in a central database.

Employee Management System Benefits:

Reduces Errors - EEMS software has built-in error detection and correction mechanisms that help prevent human errors from being entered into the system. This ensures that all payroll data is accurate and complete.

Streamlines Payroll Process - A well-run EEMS can automate many aspects of payroll processing, including calculating wages, tracking time worked and generating paychecks. This allows for faster processing times and less manual effort from payroll personnel.

Better Controls - An EEMS provides better control over who accesses information because it's centralized in one place rather than individual departments having their own systems that don't communicate with one another.

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About Odoo Human Resource

The Odoo Human resource platform offers the full dashboard that promote employee management from both the human resource point of view to general management of the business.

As a company you may realize you need to onboard a new personnel, this takes you to your Human resource dashboard and set out the specific parameters and requirements of the requirement of the specific vacancy. Of course the channel gives you an opportunity to link in your social media post related to the said vacancy for maximum funneling of the applications.

The system will then filter the applications as per the set parameters and saves you time on assorting the applications. you will then go through the applications and pick the ones you seem fit for an interview. the invitation and scheduling for the interview can be set through the system and every step of the hiring process and progress is well catered for with a systematic scoring pattern to help you become more objective and decisive during the hiring process. 



After all the employees have been onboarded onto the system, they are categorized into their various job groups.

In their stated job groups they have a dedicated network of interacting with each other and share work documents/projects and submit to management this promotes accountability and accessibility in the network. 

Categorization also makes it easier to assign work communicate and reduce the cumbersome use of creating memos on paper. 

As stated earlier a technology dashboard makes it easier for management to monitor work being done as the administration has an overall pass on every department.