Purchase Lead Times

Customer and Manufacturing Leads

Every organization has vendors that they purchase goods from be it stationery, raw materials for manufacturing, or computers. In order for these processes to be seamless and the products delivered on time, Purchase lead times need to be used. 

Purchase lead times are when you order stock from the vendor to when the stock actually arrives in your store to help you organize your manufacturing, selling, or delivery processes. This greatly improves customer service as your delivery dates will always/ mostly be on time. 

When you are creating the request for quotation and you select the vendor, you don’t need to open a new page to add on the delivery lead time. The smart arrow next to the product that you have selected, once clicked, opens a new page with tabs and gives you the option of selecting the Inventory tab which allows you to select the vendor and all the delivery lead times.

Once added and closed, you are directed to the page to request a quotation where you will need to add the product again so that it reflects the delivery lead dates. 

The lead times can also be added on the product itself to save you time when creating an RFQ, from going back to the vendor page and adding the lead times on the inventory tab.  When adding lead times to the product itself, you can add it from the inventory page of the product form.  In this case, it is referred to as a customer lead time, and the customer knows how long it will take before the product is delivered. 

Delivery lead dates from both the customer and the vendor/manufacturer lead-time eliminate a lot of guesswork and uncertainty for both