Odoo Point Of Sale

Organize your shop!

Running a shop and you can't remember who ordered what?

Whether it's a restaurant or a boutique, Kylix Technologies can help you organize your shop  with the Odoo point of sale application (P.O.S).

Point of sale enables you to upload all your products and their prices into the system and all you have to do is select the products your customer ordered and Odoo will calculate the total cost for you.

Why Point of sale?
With this application, you will be able to:

  • Create variants for your products (eg. set up products with different colors and sizes)

  • Organize your products into different categories

  • Take orders digitally from your customers and get receipts for the orders made

  • Make refunds for the orders that didn’t go so well in very easy steps

  • Set up loyalty programs for your loyal customers

  • Set up fiscal positions for tax calculations

  • Set up different payment methods for your business

  • Create customer invoices

  • Take inventory of the products you have in your shop

Among many other wonderful perks that you get form this application.



Furthermore, you will be able to:

  • Add product photos to make your profile appealing to your customers

  • Set optional products linked to 

  • Add hardware like bar code scanners and printers

  • If your products are measurable, you will have the option to add the units of measurements you prefer

Kylix technologies will help you simplify your business, taking care of the hard stuff while you worry about running the business.