Lock Dates

Locking Journals and Tax Dates

Every organization has a financial period that they would like to lock so that someone does not change it intentionally or unintentionally. This can be the end of a financial year, the end of a quarter, or even end-month transactions.

Odoo has a feature in accounting where the organization can lock their financial periods as they please, and no one, other than the advisor, is able to edit them if necessary. This ensures that the numbers that were posted end of the month or the fiscal year will be credible when the reports are pulled.

From the accounting model, and the accounting tab, you can select the lock dates. The lock dates will give you options of locking journal entries, tax lock dates, and all user's lock dates.

On the Journal entries lock date, a user who isn’t an advisor will not be able to post or update posted journal entries on the date the lock date was implemented, only the advisor can do changes if required.

All user's lock date implies that all users will not be able to post accounting documents for the previous period.

Tax Return Lock Date implies that no user will be able to post an entry or a transaction on the previously closed period, Odoo will give you a warning that "The accounting date is set prior to the tax lock date which is set on 05/31/2022. Hence, the accounting date will be changed to the next available date when posting"

It creates cut-off entries and NO ONE even the advisors can change this. Lock dates are simply ideal for any and all organizations.