Digital Marketing Dashboard

Controlling your marketing effort using one command center

A single place to control all of your digital marketing efforts is key to a successful digital marketing campaign. Many times, agencies and businesses have individual software programs for tracking social media, SEO, PPC and other digital marketing efforts. This leads to a lack of cohesion and control and can often lead to a poor experience for the end-user. A digital marketing dashboard allows you to monitor your digital marketing efforts, give you insight into what works and what doesn’t and will ultimately lead to a better campaign and better results.

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Kylix technologies brings to you a digital marketing management tool. in that you have a business you have your teams set up and you have marketing to do, this may include blog posts for better seo rating, social media management in order to be visible to your clients and email marketing for introductory and newsletters.

 Lets start with the blog post criteria, through Kylix technologies Odoo product you are able to update your blog posts using both writing and pictorial approach. this product gives you the maximum control of the look and feel of your blog posts. you can then dive in deeper to optimize your post through sub links and much more in the seo control sector for better targeting of your audience.


Next we have social media management. this platform gives you control to use one command center to schedule and post across all social media platforms, it also track your performance (engagement and growth) across all linked social media platforms thus you don't have to jump from one application to the other.

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Lastly we have the Email marketing we all know how appealing it is to have an email from a company where the companies design templates are set on its layout, even if you were not willing to buy from the said company at the time the layout will stick with you and you will consider that brand at the time upon which you are ready to purchase the said item.  that a side you can set up emails news letters with sub links to blogposts and further sub link that enables the recipient to quickly follow up and funnel the said lead to an opportunity