Customer Relationship Management

All companies keep record of all their customers, their personal information and the transactions that takes place between the company and the customers. Most companies are still using hard copies to keep record of their customers. It is pretty risky to have these records in hard copy since they are susceptible to damage and theft but with a soft copy of your data there is less exposition to risk.

Odoo is the ultimate solution for all companies that need to keep records on their customers. Whenever a new customer makes a new transaction with you, you can easily add them in the system as well as easily make a quotation for the product/service that they require from you in less than 5 minutes. A great advantage that comes with Odoo, whenever you fill a quotation for the products/services that a customer requires from you then you just need to select the specific product/service as well as the unit price of your product and it will automatically calculate the total for you. With just a click of a button you can send the quotation to your client via email. All these tasks can be easily done within just 10 minutes. Isn’t that mind blowing?

Once your client has agreed to purchase your product/service then you can easily convert the quotation to a sale order with just a click of button. Once the product has been delivered then definitely an invoice is required for the transaction. Simply with a click of a button an invoice from the sale order is created instead of filling and selecting fields like a quotation then sent to the client via email. Simple and easy right?

Pipelines are usually quite hectic to keep record of but with Odoo it is just a matter of drag and drop. You can have as many stages of your sales procedure as you want to. Your clients can be at different levels and whenever they move to a different level you can drag and drop them to the right level they are on. Pretty simple right? Let me show you how simple it is.

Odoo • Image and Text                 

With Odoo your company’s work is done at a faster pace and all your company’s data will have a cloud backup therefore there will never be loss of data this gives your company a way greater competitive advantage. Your company can never go wrong with Odoo.