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Odoo ERP Compatibility With Mobile Phones

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Odoo ERP Solution has been made compatible with mobile browser so that you can access the various department of your business while on holiday and you do not have to have a laptop with you. This will help save money to you, even when the plan on taking a long-term trip during the festive season. The Odoo ERP customers can easily take part in transactions and other activities right from their mobile devices, which makes it a perfect choice for customers who are in different temporary locations or visiting different countries.

Some of the key features you need to keep tabs of in your business despite not being in office are the marketing tools, account tools and the CRM... this is just cutting across the board of business needs

According to recent data conducted in 2022 the average time spent by a person on their phone  is 3hrs 15 mins and 1 in 5 smartphone users spends 4.5rs on their phone in a day. your statistic or your employees statistic may be higher especially during these holiday periods. further statistic show we barely stay on one application as we go through our day to day of our mobile phone now playing the game of probability, your business ERP would be one of those applications your employees visit to complete their tasks to meet their target even if the said employee took a leave.

Employing an Odoo ERP with these capabilities gives you a much greater agility and responsive to situations even outside our festive/ holiday outline. Our mobile ERP equips you and your employees with data at their finger tips this is all due to the quick reach of notifications on mobile phones as compared to computer systems

To sum it all up Kylix technologies an official ready partner of Odoo ERP system is here to provide you with an ERP system that is practical and aimed to make it as usable as possible thus aim to do this installation for you and train you and your team on how to access the system both over the computer and the mobile phone for your remote needs, mostly sales and data acquisition teams but not limited to just these two.